Wednesday, 29 August 2012

3DS XL Sports a Little See Through Number

It's obvious that at this blog we like video games and circuit boards, you only have to look at the logo to tell that. Since it's Mario's hat up there it's safe to say that we are also Nintendo fans. So if you combine video games, PCBs and Nintendo into one image, well, that's going to be an image the VideoGamesandPCBElectronics blog likes.
Here is the Nintendo 3DS XL sporting a fancy see through case which let's you see all the insides of the portable gaming device. Don't get too excited though as they are not for sale, it was used for a Q & A session on the Japanese Nintendo website.

The electronic manufacture giant has employed some nifty design into the 3DS XL with flexible PCBs used in the hinges of the console, as you can see in the image above. Design choices like this helped the space in the casing to be able to fit the bigger screens and all the other essentials.

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